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2012 Admission Prices
General admission
Child admission
Season pass (all ages)
$49.95 (BEST DEAL)
Discount prices from above
2012 Hours of operation
Old Tucson is open year round with the exception of
April 29 - May 19
Mon - Fri

10AM - 6PM
Sat & Sun
10AM - 5PM

Located close to Tucson, AZ, Old Tucson Studios is a theme park as well as a movie studio sitting adjacent to the Tucson Mountains. The park was first built in 1936 when it was built for the movie "Arizona" and plans to tear it down were soon underway after the development of the movie. Owners decided that instead of demolishing it they should turn it into a cheap movie studio, and has been rightfully used. Hosting such shows as Little House on the Prairie, and many western movies. Finally open to the public in 1960, historical 2 for 1 tour are offered about the movies filmed there, along with live cast entertainment featuring stunt shows and shootouts.

On April 25, 1995, a fire destroyed much of Old Tucson Studios. After 20 months of a great deal of reconstruction, Old Tucson re-opened its doors on January 2, 1997, and handed out discount tickets to celebrate. The sets that were lost were not recreated; instead, entirely new buildings were constructed, and the streets were widened. Much of the sound studio equipment and booths will also stay closed and new booths constructed.

Old Tucson is a Wild West themed movie studio and adventure park, I wouldn’t even call it an amusement park. Your discount passes work however, and that’s all that matters to me. Not only area the tickets cheap, but other booths and souvenir shops are really inexpensive too. The sheriff gun show is my favorite thing about the park, on the hour, every hour two actors come out and have an old western shoot out. Pretty intense.
-Guy Harlom-